Your commitment and passion are essential to attract our future talents and achieve our growth ambition. You are our best ambassadors to refer people who will adapt perfectly to our corporate culture and our values. We would like to enhance the referral and the use of social networks to help us to recruit our future team members. Let’s share our pride to work for Hilti!
Marianne Lhote
E2 Head of Human Resources

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Welcome to your Hilti E2 Employee Referral Portal. By referring your contacts, you can earn points that help you become a champion referrer. Your points will show how you compare with the other employees in your department, your location, and the company overall. Not only could it give you some serious bragging rights, but it could also make you eligible for special recognition throughout the year.

To take part, simply go to the Employee Referral Portal homepage to check out the available jobs. From there, you can refer a person to specific job or even share it with your entire network. Any action you take earns you points. Plus you’ll be earning more points at every major step of your referral’s progression – under assessment and hired!

Earn Points by Making Referrals

Refer to the breakdown below to get a better understanding of how points are awarded. Information on rewards will be provided in 2019!

Activity Points
You activated your account 15
You made a referral 5
Your referral clicks apply on a job through your trackable link 3
Status update: Your referral is contacted 10
Status update: Your referral is hired 75


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